Cremation Services

Cremation, or body incineration, is a service that has been gaining popularity in Costa Rica as an environmentally friendly, clean, safe, and reasonably priced burial alternative. It is an option accepted by the majority of cultures and religions, including the Catholic Church, which has accepted it under Canon Law since 1983.

In the facilities of Camposanto Vida Eterna, we provide cremation services. This makes us the first funeral company in the southern region of the country to install state-of-the-art equipment with the highest quality standards in Pérez Zeledón. We provide a timely response to all families residing in the Brunca region and surrounding areas who wish to bid farewell to their loved ones in this manner.

We ensure specialized processes in compliance with the regulations established by the country.

"Just as in life, everyone's needs vary, so too in the moment of departure."

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